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Snel een level up in Diablo IV

Everybody wants to get to tier 4 as quickly as possible. Here are a few ways to level up as fast as you can.

Looking to level up your character in Diablo IV fast? Whether it's a new Season or you're tuning up an alt, there are a few smart ways to grind that XP. Make sure to grab a friend if possible, as everything in Diablo IV is easier with party members, and the sweet XP buff helps as well.

Do Legion Events

Legion Events are one of the best ways to get XP. These appear periodically in various sections of the world, about every 23 minutes or so. When the event begins, you get a 5-minute timer that shows up.

The first thing you need to do is get there as fast as you can, because there is a bonfire that gives a stacking XP buff. You can get up to 15 stacks. If you're late, you can still stand around the bonfire area while the event is ongoing to get a few more percent.

Two things that you need to make sure about are: always have an elixir on and party up with someone. Always, always, always have an elixir buff on. Craft some cheap elixirs to use, as no matter which one you drank, it gives you a 5% XP buff. Later on you'll have so many, you won't be able to use them all.

If you're alone, just party up with any random player (use the interaction button and invite to the party). Have no fear, a yes is pretty much guaranteed, since it's beneficial to both players, as they will start to receive more XP. The "near another player" buff is doubled if you are near a party member.

Helltides is a great website tracker for all the timed events in D4. You can even put notifications on to grind Legion Events as often as possible. They're pretty quick and if your character just entered T3 or T4, they're the safest ways of getting good XP that you need to equip the Sacred or Ancestral gear.

Complete Whispers of the Dead

D4 Whispers of the dead

Whispers of the Dead award a ton of XP, and a lot of the objectives are fairly fast. It's absolutely worth doing them until you start running Nightmare Dungeons pretty regularly. Remember, World Bosses and Legion Events add to your Whispers gauge as well.

While you're still getting Renown, look for the dungeons that are marked for Whispers (in red). It gives +5 to the gauge.

Whispers reward you with a good variety of crafting materials so they're all-around good rewards no matter what type of cache you choose. But the XP is certainly worth it.

Align multiple objectives

D4 speed leveling

Really the best way to farm XP is while doing multiple objectives. As you need to grind up Renown with every new character, you absolutely should look into prioritizing it, since you get skill points and finally Paragon Points, which make your character a lot stronger post level 50.

Look where Whispers of the Dead objectives line up with other things. As mentioned, go for the dungeons, especially when it's going to be your first clear. You'll receive Renown and possibly a useful Aspect for your character or an alt.

Are there sidequests in the area? Pick them up when you see them in the world, as they usually relate to the area where found. You could be killing mobs for both a Whispers Culling as well as a side objective. If it's during a Helltide, even better, since you're getting Cinders all the time. I've managed to line up a Helltide with a Legion Event and some quests, resulting in a Helltide Mystery Chest alongside grinding XP. Opening chests also grants an XP boost!

Once you're not worried so much about Renown, do Nightmare Dungeons. With the way monster scaling currently is, doing regular world content is less beneficial for XP. Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons appropriate to your character power remain the best. Just make sure you can clear those NMs fast! If you're struggling, they are too high level for you and you won't level up quickly.

There are other strategies for speed leveling, such as running a Stronghold over and over again (but not killing the last boss), but personally, I don't recommend them, as it's better to check off Renown and other side objectives.

How to get a Wrathful Invoker in Season 1

D4 wrathful invoker

Although not related to experience gains, some players are curious how to get a Wrathful Invoker. While Brutal, Devious, and Vicious Invokers are relatively easy to get, you need to craft a Wrathful Invoker at one of the Cormond's Workbenches (the most convenient one is Kyovashad).

You can get some Ichor crafting resource from killing Malignant enemies, most often found in the special Malignant tunnels. Then, craft an Uncertain Invoker, which will have a chance of containing a Wrathful Invoker.

Here are the resources you need:

  • 40 Brutal Malignant Ichor
  • 40 Devious Malignant Ichor
  • 40 Vicious Malignant Ichor
  • 1.000 gold

You can use the Wrathful Invoker in a Malignant Tunnel, at the end. If you want another option of getting a Wrathful Heart, craft an Invoker of Varshan instead to fight a boss.

Overall, keep in mind that speed leveling in Diablo IV may evolve over time as Blizzard updates the game and adjusts rewards. However, we are quite sure that participating in the many events that the game offers as well as Nightmare Dungeons will remain excellent leveling strategies.

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