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Hoe je trillende handen tegen kunt gaan: tips voor beter mikken

Get better at FPS games with SteelSeries! Here's an aspect of aiming that you might not even be thinking about: check right now how stable and smooth your aim is. Chances are, this is something that can improve.

Ever feel like your mouse cursor is shaking like crazy? Is it tough to center your cross hair on just the right point to get that headshot in Valorant or CS:GO? It's possible that you need to smooth out your aim.

In a few easy steps, we'll give you some tips that might be just what you need to improve your aim in FPS games.

Smoothing aiming

1. Check your mousepad!

What kind of mise and mousepads work best for smooth aim? The first check you need is a gear check.

While your equipment is based on your preference and feeling, especially for games like Apex Legends and Warzone (tracking-heavy games) you will want a SteelSeries mousepad. It feels "faster" for tracking which makes it easier to smoothly control your tracking movements. Experiment with a couple of different speeds to fit your preference and mouse.

The SteelSeries QcK mousepads are renowned in the industry. With proprietary micro-woven cloth, the high-thread count provides the optimal surface for your mouse to track your movement with pinpoint accuracy.

Without a smooth surface, your aim can become shaky and uneven.

2. Check the weight of your mouse!

Is your mouse either too heavy or too light? A lighter mouse could be the key to smoother aiming. The Aerox 5 Wireless is 74g, which is in that ultra-lightweight bracket. The wired Aerox 5 is even lighter, at just 66g. You can always opt for the specifically created for esports mouse, Prime Wireless, which weighs slightly more, 80g.

If the weight of your mouse isn't to your liking, that's exactly what you might need to improve the smoothness of your aim.

3. Practice smooth aiming

Of course, there's nothing that can replace the path to real improvement like practice. With the right tool, you can train your aim smoothness and get rid of the shaky aim that hinders you in your FPS game sessions. It's best to pracice with the tracking aim skill. In 3D Aim Trainer, the Tracking Academy features 4 different kinds of tracking techniques: precision, smoothness, speed, and reactivity. Each helps in a different area and ultimately allows you to dominate mouse controls in such a way that your aim will be smooth and not shaky.

  • Precision: all about accuracy, preforming movements in a controlled manner
  • Smoothness: control the velocity of your movements, keep aim steady and concise
  • Speed: stay precise and smooth while moving your crosshair faster to track speedier targets
  • Reactivity: react to changing directions and dodges

The results should look closer to something like this:

To start improving your shaky aim:

  1. First do the exercises for precision. The idea here is to first become precise in your movements, then to focus on the smoothness of the movements.
  2. After you dominate these two, you should start putting more effort into speeding things up and being precise and smooth while being quick. This is the tricky part. So it’s better to start slow and easy, one step at a time, focusing on precision, then adding smoothness, and finally, the speed.
  3. Last but not least, focus heavily on reactivity tracking. This will challenge your smoothness to another level and will probably make your aim shaky again. Don’t get discouraged and keep practicing, these exercises will take you out of your comfort zone. It will take you more time to become smooth again while reacting to abrupt direction changes of your target.

Smoothing Aim 2

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