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Hoe Alias te configureren met Sonar voor streaming op één of twee pc's

To complete your Alias setup, you need to configure it in Sonar. Follow these easy steps to setup the gaming mics, whether you own the Alias or Alias Pro.

In order to maximize the benefits of your Alias gaming microphone, you need to configure it in Sonar Software. Whether you own Alias or Alias Pro, we'll walk you through setting it up in Sonar Software for both single and dual PC streaming (a feature of the Alias Pro).

Sonar is a part of SteelSeries GG, a free software that connects your SteelSeries GG to your gaming world. Sonar works to enhance your audio experience, both incoming and outgoing. We've been working on Sonar for Streamers, which provides a host of benefits to you.

This is an all-in-1 studio solution for you. With Sonar for Streamers, improve your audio mic, apply studio effects, and assign your apps with easy drag 'n' drop functionality. Use powerful sound presets to sound cleaner and more like a broadcast pro and cut out the background noise with AI algorithms.

Let's go over how to configure the audio sources in Sonar with your Alias.

How to activate Sonar for Streamers

Once you've downloaded GG, make sure to first update the firmware of your devices in Engine. Then, head over to the Sonar menu, and go through the initial setup steps. Sonar will assign virtual audio devices to your audio inputs and outputs, creating faders for Mic, Game, Chat, Aux, and Media.

Click on a slider in the upper right corner to enable Sonar for Streamers. This will add additional sliders to each column. The left ones adjust the audio that you hear, while the right ones what your audience hears.

Let op: each channel has the option to add it to the Personal or Stream mix. To do so, click on the “Add to” checkboxes in the options for each channel. Click on the coghwheels to see them. You can also use a handy "listen" button on the Master Mix to hear yourself (only with an Alias mic), or if you go into the Mic EQ settings (selectable from the top), there is a voice recording test option.

Listen to button Sonar.

Configure your apps in Drag ‘n’ Drop

Sonar for Streamers drag n drop.

The apps that you have open will display at the bottom. You can click on them, drag them, and move them to the appropriate fader. The games should be in the Game fader, communication apps under Chat, and so on.

Due to the restrictions of some software security and requirements by third party apps, some apps may need to be manually moved as opposed to using the drag and drop feature. Examples: Teams, Slack and Discord. Please open the respective application and set the Sonar location in their Input and Output options. Sonar for Streamers will move the application to the new location you have selected.

How to configure Alias in Sonar

We're going to go over which audio sources to select here, so that you can properly route audio to apps such as OBS.

This is going to be for regular setups using a single PC. For dual-PC setups where the second PC handles the stream, refer to the section below for this Alias Pro exclusive feature.

Open up the cogwheel on the Master fader to select these devices for your Personal Mix, Stream Mix, and Mic Input.

  • PERSONAL MIX (the sound that you hear from any headset wired to Alias with a 3.5mm cable, otherwise this will be the name of your wireless headset if you’re using one)

Speakers (SteelSeries Alias)


SteelSeries Sonar - Stream (SteelSeries Sonar Virtual Audio Device)

This is the output of your audio that will come to your broadcasting software, so this is the source to select in OBS or similar (under Mic/Auxiliary Audio).

OBS source for audio.


Microphone (SteelSeries Alias)

How to configure Alias Pro in Sonar

Single PC Setup

Single PC setup sonar.


SteelSeries Alias Pro Personal (SteelSeries Alias Pro 1)


SteelSeries Sonar - Stream (SteelSeries Sonar Virtual Audio Device)


SteelSeries Alias Pro Input (SteelSeries Alias Pro 1)

Dual PC Setup

Dual PC setup.

First PC:


SteelSeries Alias Pro Personal (SteelSeries Alias Pro 1)


SteelSeries Alias Pro Stream (SteelSeries Alias Pro 1)


SteelSeries Alias Pro Input (SteelSeries Alias Pro 1)

Second PC:


SteelSeries Alias Pro Output (SteelSeries Alias Pro 2)


SteelSeries Alias Pro Stream (SteelSeries Alias Pro 2)

If you want to hear the audio output of your second PC (such as for notifications or chat alerts), you need to use a wired connection to your Stream Mixer.

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