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Why You Shouldn't Buy a Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth mice are convenient, but lack the performance and capabilities of 2,4 GHz wireless. Let's talk about the differences, and explore a great mouse recommendation if you need both.

Why avoid Bluetooth?

As we've discussed in the past, Bluetooth is not the ideal for wireless audio due to compression, stability, and other issues, and the same is true for wireless mice.

Since a Bluetooth signal only transmits over one single frequency at a time, if any interference happens, the signal needs to switch to a different frequency. In the time it takes for the mouse to recognize this and swap frequencies, you'll notice dips in performance, lag, or lost inputs.

While this is technically passable for work or school, a Bluetooth mouse for gaming or anything else that requires precision and reliability leaves much to be desired.

The better option: 2,4 GHz wireless

That's why wireless mice like the Rival 3 Wireless use a much more stable 2,4 GHz wireless connection, which feels and performs as reliably as a wired mouse. This is ideal for gaming and other uses where you want the added stability and performance that Bluetooth wireless can't offer.

2,4 GHz wireless allows us to make big technical strides in the quality and stability of the wireless signal, adding features like Quantum 2,0 Wireless to ensure a crystal clear signal despite external interference. Quantum 2.0 Wireless dual channel visualization showing the Rival 3 Wireless mouse having 2 clear signals always transmitting data, and unaffected by interference and switching, which reads "Dual Channel Changing System - No Packets Lost"

When transmitting continuously over 2 separate frequencies, even if one signal gets interrupted, it can switch to a clear channel while the other is still transmitting. This means you'll never lose a signal or notice lag, even if you have interference.

So I should never buy a Bluetooth mouse?

Never say never. There is a time and a place for Bluetooth, which offers dongle-free convenience on laptops and other Bluetooth devices, which is especially helpful while on the go or away from your computer. Luckily, there is a mouse that offers both, so you know that you're always covered.

Meme of "Why not both?" little girl commercial

The best of both worlds: Rival 3 Wireless

The Rival 3 Wireless is dual wireless, so it has both rock-solid 2,4 GHz stability and also has Bluetooth for when you need it.

Underside of the Rival 3 Wireless mouse, showing the "off", "Bluetooth", and "2.4 GHz" wireless toggle switch

Switching to Bluetooth mode is as simple as flipping a switch on the underside of the mouse, and bam, your performance mouse just transformed into a convenient Bluetooth mouse.

We've taken the same dual wireless, multi-purpose approach with headsets like the Arctis 9 and Arctis Pro Wireless.

Designed to go places

We also didn't want you to feel limited to just Bluetooth when on the go. We designed the Rival 3 Wireless with a built-in compartment for the 2,4 GHz wireless transmitter (dongle), so even on the go you can enjoy the rock-solid wireless that we're so excited about.

Rival 3 Wireless floating in space with its top cover removed, revealing the interior dongle and battery storage

And you'll always have Bluetooth as a backup plan if you forgot your dongle or don't have a USB to plug the dongle into. Win win.

We're incredibly proud of the Rival 3 Wireless and hope you enjoy the dual wireless functionality anywhere and everywhere you need a mouse: gaming, work, travel, school, and everything in between.

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